Pre-Conference Workshop Day

9am-12pm: Workshop A

Conducting the Appropriate Plant-Protein Compatibility Analysis to Secure Practical Viability


Within the business of Molecular Farming, it’s been well established that one of the largest technical challenges is finding a plant amenable to the molecule you’re producing. 

It’s critical to reimagine ahead of time aspects such as yield, scalability and regulatory adherence to enhance success of commercialization.

Join this C-suite led workshop to learn from Plant Molecular Farming biotechs and facilitate your technical journey with crop type, carrier type, and genetic approach to future-proof your product development.

1pm-4pm: Workshop B

Working Towards a Transparent Food System Across the Value Chain to Better Align with Priorities & Partnership Habits

  • Adam Leman Lead Scientist, Fermentation, The Good Food Institute
  • Laine Clark Senior Corporate Engagement Manager, Innovation, The Good Food Institute


From proof of concept through to B2B relationships and consumers, it’s imperative that inter-stakeholder communication exceeds expectations for end-product valorization. 

Displaying your process and product understanding and leveraging empirical evidence is your path to success.

Join this GFI-led workshop to learn how to engage desired investors and partners, and achieve commercial brilliance.