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NewProtein is an online resource for food technologists worldwide tasked with the challenge of formulating foods and beverages using alternative sources of protein. Find the right products for your new product development projects using our specially designed search functions. Keep up to date with the latest alternative protein news with our free weekly newsletter which includes updates on products, services, webinars, training courses, and conferences.

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FoodBev Media

FoodBev Media is the go-to platform for the global food and beverage industry. We provide industry professionals – including manufacturers, processors, flavour houses, ingredient suppliers, food technologists and consumer brands – with access to the latest news, insights and trends across the F&B landscape.

Our flagship platform, FoodBev, showcases innovations, events and analysis within the global industry. The Plant Base is the first B2B platform dedicated solely to the plant-based F&B space. Refreshment is the ultimate resource for staying up to date on the water cooler, vending and coffee sectors. While The Cell Base – our latest endeavour – provides insights to stay informed, exchange ideas and explore new cell-based opportunities.

We host renowned industry awards in categories including food, beverage, plant-based, coffee and catering technology. With two decades of experience, FoodBev’s award programmes are among the most credible and respected in the global F&B industry.

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The Plant Base

Your go-to resource for staying informed about the latest global news, innovations and trends within the dynamic plant-based food industry.

Dedicated to delivering impactful insights that both enlighten and empower decision-makers, our mission is to fortify the success of businesses in the plant-based landscape.

The Plant Base is the brainchild of FoodBev Media. Born in 2000 as a traditional ink-on-paper publisher, FoodBev has evolved into a global multimedia force with B2B publications that cover topics such as food, beverage, plant-based, cell-based, dairy, technology, sustainability, health and packaging.

Furthermore, FoodBev hosts a range of prestigious award programmes, encompassing food innovation, beverage innovation, plant-based Innovation, plant-based taste, coffee and catering technology. Two decades of global excellence underscore our commitment to recognising and celebrating outstanding achievements in all corners of the industry.




PlantBioBiz is your go-to platform for driving the plant-based bioeconomy towards more sustainable and innovative solutions. An exclusive industry association and online marketplace serving commercial companies focused on plant molecular farming and the creation of high-value, plant-based products — with plant biomanufacturing at the forefront.

Connecting members with advanced technology solutions, partnership opportunities, and a network of specialized experts within the industry. PlantBioBiz is your key to unlocking the full potential of the plant biomanufacturing sector.