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Advancing Agbio Technology & Downstream Processing with Pre-Competitive Collaboration to Commercialize Plant Molecular Farming

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Welcome to the Plant Molecular Farming for Alternative Proteins & Agbio Summit

The Pursuit of New Frontiers & Sustainable Proteins, Growth Factors & Ingredients through Bio-Factories

With the flux of investments and innovative technologies within the Plant Molecular Farming field starting to bloom, including the likes of Moolec ScienceMiruku and BioBetter progressing their farming efforts, now is a critical window in which molecular farming pioneers must take advantage of innovative expression platforms and downstream technologies to overperform with yields, taste, texture, and nutrient profiles.

In collaboration with the FDA and USDA alongside 60+ senior industry pioneers, the Plant Molecular Farming for Alternative Proteins & Agbio Summit is the first and only industry-led summit dedicated to molecular farming, uniting all relevant stakeholders across agbiotech, ingredient suppliers, big seed, and academia. Unite with the The Good Food InstituteImpossible FoodsBioBetter, Mozza Foods and Forte Protein to enhance quality proteins and growth factor production and open the floor to future partnerships in industry.



Join forces with the FDA and USDA to become well-equipped for regulatory approval and safety standards, mitigating risks


Dissect various protein expression techniques and subcellular localization to enhance engineering precision


Navigate around growth factor production and downstream processing to promote economic feasibility and profitability


Harness protein modification techniques to perfect protein functionality and structural profiles in alignment with consumer requirements

Network with C-levels and senior molecular farming decision makers and novel food biotech R&D leads to set up for future partnership success

Top Testimonials:

Impossible Foods

“A well planned and followed agenda, interesting topics, leading experts from different companies.”

Process Engineer, Impossible Foods, DSP for Alternative Proteins & Cellular Agriculture

Air Protein

“Covered a lot of areas from R&D, Manufacturing, CMO, and Regulatory. Good for people at multiple career levels.”

Director, Air Protein, DSP for Alternative Proteins & Cellular Agriculture

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